THE KHAN is a rising artist born and raised in the northwest Washington DC. Son of an Eritrean/Ethiopian Mother and an El Salvadoran/Honduran Father. Growing up in the chocolate city, THE KHAN indulged into his own and a lot of different cultures and customs surrounding him. Wether it was the street culture in his neighborhood, sports or the music native to his DC, hardcore punk and gogo. He gained interest in music at a very early age, being in a household playing music of all genres around him. He started playing the djembe at the age of 3/4 to asking his dad for a drum set for his 9th birthday . He got into rapping through watching his older brother freestyle to beats riding out at the end of songs they'd listen to on CD's. But prior to that, he was always into classic rock& oldies for most of his childhood through both of his parents, despite only being around hiphop. At the age of 13, he started his own band with his best friend but it eventually fell apart due to everyone attending different high schools. But he never depended on the band to express his musical talents. In the 8th grade, inspired by him watching 8 mile, he put a together a rap battle during recess just to host it but got called out by the kid who ended up winning. He let the kid go first and retalited with two bars that made the crowd go wild and he won just like that. Khan always knew he could rap but that moment gave him all the confidence he needed & he knew what he wanted to do in life from there. When Khan got into high school that's when he started to get into rapping more. He'd rap every chance he got to, during lunch, hanging out parties, smoke sessions.. any time he had the opportunity to play a beat or get someone to rap with him . Khan started growing up and indulging himself into the street life trying to get by the way he could at the time. But always rapped through it as his medium. When he got off of probation after his 16th birthday, his dad took him and his twin sister on a road trip across the west coast of America. That trip was a bit of a turning point for him, showed him that life was bigger than DC. He returned back to Cardozo senior high for junior year a bit feeling a bit isolated due to all of his friends being locked up, in military school or on the run . But ended meeting Chachi & Mahi that year & they formed a new circle of friends with some new and old people that attended that year. THE KHAN, Chachi & Mahi would meet up everyday before & after school to put in for some weed and would freestyle all the time, convincing them that they should start a group & that's how ATOMOS happened. ATOMOS being ancient greek for indivisible, representing their new found brotherhood. Chachi & Mahi started inviting Khan  to underground shows happening DC which would eventually start a new chapter in their life. Khan went to the show and fell in love with what he saw, a side of DC he's never really seen before. A bunch of young black creatives showing they're love for art, music, Africa, spirituality and most of the things he grew up in the house on. He finally found that as a platform to showcase what he and his friends were capable of. He'd go to underground shows a couple times a month to sell weed, talk to girls and party. But when he wasn't doing that or moshing he'd be in the back freestyling over the performers with his friends, feeling like he could do it better than them. About a couple of months goes by and he meets Mahis old friend from Duke named Redd. They it was brief the first time they met but he really got to know him the second time they chilled. He found ou that Redd rapped and lied his style and asked him to join the group because he thought he'd blanked it out a bit . They later on  pulled up to their friends who were "Spacemob" at time in this run down house in Takoma Park,MD during their junior year summer. They were there watching them record their project "Live And Die in Space" and Khan was surprised that they were using something as simple as garageband to do that, really the fact that you could. Khan took a class on it for music during middle school so he was a bit familiar with the program. He then asked how they were recording and they told him. They then asked if he had a mic, he didn't at the time so they told he could also do it by just connecting his apple headphones to the computer, using the mic on the wire. A week or two goes by and he's at his friends girlfriend house celebrating a birthday and that's when he made his first song "intricate Software Thuggin" alongside his friend Spack La Boost & Donovan off of a apple headphone on garageband . That was a major turning point for him, he started getting immediate traction with some of the kids he knew in the area . Then a few weeks goes by, his friend Spaceking asked him  if he wanted ATOMOS to be on their show they had coming up in a week. He told him he couldn't because he only had one song at the time, Spaceking responded "Nigga make more!" and that's what he did. He made about 5-6 with ATOMOS within that week just for that set, that's how songs like "DIAMONDS" and "GUN DOWN" came to be .